Digital Photography 101

an online course


It’s time to up your photography game.

And, no, I’m talking with your iPhone.


This online course will eliminate any intimidation you may feel about using your actual camera and answer questions such as…

• How do I make my background blurry?
• How can I freeze motion?
• How do I take indoor photos without the yellow tint?
• Which lens should I use?
And more!

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Why can’t I just use my iPhone?

I know, iPhones can take awesome photos (hellooo portrait mode!), and I even teach an iPhoneography course, but an iPhone can’t replicate your actual camera to a “t.”

Why not?

An actual DSLR camera gives us way more control over our photographs, allowing us to blur the background (bokeh), freeze water (using shutter speed), capture motion (shutter speed again), greater ability to manipulate our images, and more.

So what’s a DSLR?

Remember you mom’s first digital camera? Or yours, I’m not judging. That whopping 3.1 megapixel piece of equipment that captured many of your memories in all their hazy glory? The one where she- or you- just pointed and shot the photo, much like with your iPhone? That’s a point-and-shoot.

A DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) is much more capable. This beauty captures memories with precision, transforming them into works of art. But with more buttons comes more responsibility, well, the need for more knowledge.

That’s where Digital Photography 101 comes in.


Here’s What We’ll Cover

• How to take a photo that’s actually in focus.
both on manual and auto

• How to compose a captivating image.
rule of thirds, leading lines, and more!

How to use the exposure triangle to take artsy photos.
aka iso, shutter speed, and aperture

• How to capture photos without a yellow or blue tint.
aka using white balance

• How to read a lens and understand the purpose of each.
determining which lens to use, and when

What’s Included

This online course includes six modules that will be emailed to your inbox weekly. Each module will consist of an easy-to-follow video, text overview, assignment, and printable.

You will also receive access to my private photography Facebook group where you can post photos, interact with past and present students, and receive feedback from me! This is also a great place to ask questions.


Week 1: Understanding Your Equipment & Focusing
Week 2: Composition
Week 3: White Balance and Intro to the Exposure Triangle
Week 4: Shutter Speed
Week 5: Aperture
Week 6: Editing Overview

When Is This Course Offered?

Because Digital Photography 101 is online and go-at-your-own-pace, you can enroll anytime.


Ready to take better photos?

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