Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?
Visit our What To Wear page for information, or contact Meg.

What are your rates?
Click here to view a full rate schedule.

When are you available?
Weekdays and limited weekend availability.

When will I receive my photos?
Wedding photos will be mailed on a USB within 5 weeks of your wedding. Business and portrait photos will be sent within 3 weeks.

Do you accept credit cards?
No, we only accept cash and checks. Canadian checks will require an additional $15 in processing, unless the check has a nine digit routing number.

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Can I change my contract after it has been signed?
Minor contract changes are subject to approval by the photographer. Portrait and business sessions may be rescheduled prior to 24 hours at a time reasonable for the photographer and client. Wedding coverage time can be changed subject to approval by the photographer and a fee up to $125.

When should I book my wedding?
The search for a photographer should begin soon after your engagement. MegaBug requires the contract to be signed and retainer received 6 months before a wedding with 4+ hours of coverage and 3 months before a wedding with a maximum of three hours coverage.

May I use the complimentary engagement session as an additional hour of wedding coverage?
Engagement sessions are our time get to know each other. It's where I learn your personality and begin scheming a shot list for your wedding day. (Plus, you get some awesome shots of your adorable love for each other!) I value our time spent in the planning process, so engagement sessions cannot be used as an additional hour of wedding coverage.