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What To Wear

Opt For:
      • Solid colors or simple patterns
      • Coordinating colors/patterns with your group

      • Busy patterns or stripes. (This can work in a group if other members wear solids. See photo above.)
      • All black or all white attire. Compliment with a pop of color.
      • Clothing with text or graphics

In the case of headshots, full black or white attire is fine; I have a few backdrops to compliment those shades. Please bring a variety of business casual and professional attire. I'm all for fitting as many photos as possible in our time so you have a variety to choose from for different occasions.

Casual is the way to go with outdoor photos- mostly. Sometimes it's fun to dress it up for a specific style of shots, but casual is generally best.

Please avoid short skirts or shorts as there may be shots that require sitting.

If you book a shoot during the winter months, please bring either a coat you wouldn't mind appearing in photos or wear a heavy sweater. I am more than willing to hold bulky coats in between takes!

I love going a little over the top with senior photos. It's your opportunity to express who you are at this point in your life, so don't be afraid to pull out your sports uniform or a sparkly dress.

If you have a hobby or play a sport, please let me know. I love infusing your passion into your photos, so be sure to bring props! (I had an Olympus film camera in my senior photos, along with the MegaBug, of course.)

Engagement, Maternity, Newborn & Family
Please coordinate your clothing. This can be achieved by wearing a pop of the same color (i.e. neutral tones with maroon), or by choosing a color scheme. Bring props! If you're a couple who loves to read, bring your favorite books. If you have little ones, definitely bring their toys.